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The Club was built as an integral part of the development of the Crescent Town neighbourhood, and opened in 1971. The neighbourhood includes 1,420 condiminium units and 1,320 rental units.

The facility is jointly the responsibility of York Condominium Corporation No. 76 (Y.C.C. 76), the Board of Directors for the condominium lands, and Pinedale Properties, the owners and managers of the rental buildings.

The Club itself is run as a non-profit facility, with an elected board of directors comprising 2 representatives from 7-9-11 Crescent Place (Pinedale Properties Ltd.), 2 representatives from Y.C.C. 76, 2 representatives from the City of Toronto, and 2 representatives from the Tenants' Association representing 7-9-11 Crescent Place.

Every owner, or leaseholder resident, in Crescent Town is entitled to a free membership, which gains them access to the recreational facilities. There is a membership fee for non-residents of Crescent Town.

Programs requiring instructors, memberships in clubs and special camps charge fees for participation.

In addition, the Club leases, or donates, space to community groups and organizations, and to individuals, for a range of programs and services.